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Meet the Staff of Killeen Auto Brokers

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Edgar Garcia - Owner

254-526-4889 - edgar.garcia@killeenautobrokers.com

Mr. Garcia entered the car sales business as a way to pay for college, and in doing so found his life-long passion. He built Killeen Auto Brokers on the foundations of quality, trust, and fair business practices. For over 30 years he has proudly served the Central Texas communities by specializing in creative financing and dedication. His passion for people and his commitment to excellence drives him to get the best deal possible. Mr. Garcia is the heart of the company and his dedication to the customer is evident from the moment you step through the door.

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Edward Garcia - Finance Manager

254-526-4889 - edward.garcia@killeenautobrokers.com

Edward has his roots in the Central Texas area, being born and raised in Killeen. He enjoys being the liason between the customer and the finance companies. His goal every day is to get the customer the best deal possible by working hard as their advocate in the finance area.

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James Draeger - Auto Broker/Financing

254-526-4889 - james.draeger@killeenautobrokers.com

James Draeger is a manager here at Killeen Auto Brokers. James is from California and served in the Army from 1991 to 2003. James has over 15 years experience in the car business here in central Texas in service and sales.
And is well known for his professionalism self-fortitude, integrity and morale. James has a great compassion for not only his family but the car business as well. With James' experience in the car business, he will do whatever it takes to make a customer happy.

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Joseph Brown - Title Clerk

254-526-4889 - joe.brown@killeenautobrokers.com

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Rusty French - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 - rusty.french@killeenautobrokers.com

Rusty is our resident salesforce veteran. Having been with the company for thirteen years, Rusty provides our customers with a valuable car buying experience and makes the sales process fun and enjoyable. He has decades of sales experience, as well as bringing with him his extensive business knowledge; he can relate to our customers to provide them with the right deal. Always quick with a good joke to share, Rusty will make you feel like family and get you the deal you deserve. 

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Robert Slade Jr. - Auto Broker

254-526-4889 - robert.slade@killeenautobrokers.com

Robert, aka "Big Tex," was born and raised right here in Texas. He brings a total of over 10 years of automotive service experience to the team. On his personal time, Robert helps in church ministry here in Killeen at Grace Christian Center. His hearty laughter is unmistakable around the office and anytime a customer calls and asks for him, they ask for "the big cowboy guy."

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